ANOTHER YEAR, ANOTHER GOTY. Welcome to the second annual Idle Thumbs Gamse of the Year Awards. In the inaugural 2008 GOTYs, we honored Far Cry 2, Fallout 3, and Braid. We stand by these choices to this day. Now, in an era of audience participation, crowdsourcing, and the democratization of media, one-way cultural curation by an elevated critical elite is more crucial than ever. So while the podcast may slumber, GOTY does not.
THE COMBINED STAFF of Idle Thumbs and The Idle Thumbs Podcast have assembled to pass judgment on 2011 in Video Games. Please enjoy and internalize the unimpeachable verdict rendered by your esteemed hosts:

Chris Remo
Jake Rodkin
Sean Vanaman
Steve Gaynor
F. Nick Breckon

This is Idle Thumbs GOTY 2011.